What CES got me thinking about.

The Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month is all about drones, robots, smart devices, self-driving cars, gadgets, artificial intelligence, TVs and some of the craziest technologies one will see in life. But CES is also about the discovery of big, trending themes for the next few years, and oftentimes, looking at the smaller things — and connecting the dots — can help shed light on what’s to come. Having attended this year’s CES earlier this month, I have had some time to think about what those are to me:

Smarter interconnectivity

There are a few things at play here. First, we are seeing the arrival of truly smart devices. Most of what we call smart devices right now aren’t all that intelligent — they usually involve any type of gear outfitted with sensors that (directly or via one’s mobile phone) allow someone to look at great visualizations of data on a, hopefully, secure online account. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I happily use my Garmin Fenix 5 watch to count steps, track my runs and check incoming messages; I use the smart tag on my keys (way more often than I should) to find out where I last put them. But there has to be more than that.

Minimalistic UI for maximum UX

Apple introduced its smartphone, the iPhone, with just one button — a huge change in UI versus all of its predecessors. And it didn’t stop there. First, there was fingerprint touch, and then, just recently, we saw the button disappear altogether, in favor of using facial recognition to unlock one’s phone. At CES 2018, we did see some under-glass fingerprint sensors, so the fingerprint touch method doesn’t seem to be all gone; however, efforts are underway both to make the UI of our gear simpler and, at the same time, deliver better experiences.

Experience everything the way you want to

Call it “ultrapersonalization.” When there are no more limitations as to how much content and data we can capture, nor restrictions on how — and where — to store all that info, we don’t have to think about directing what we capture anymore. And if we capture everything, we can offer consumers an unlimited set of possibilities for personalization.

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